About Me

About Me
Hello, I’m James C.

My Background in Networking, PC Tech, Movie Buff, OS bug fixes…

• Ever since my childhood, I’ve had a fascination with gadgets featured in James Bond movies and Batman’s arsenal.

• I possess a deep passion for Filmmaking, Photography, Wire Management, and troubleshooting OS bugs.

• Since 2006, I have been involved in developing projects related to Motion Graphics, primarily catering to local businesses and personal/friend requests.

My Background in YouTube Reviews…

• The YouTube channel initially started as a hobby to share my experiences with gadgets such as AppleTV 2, Kodi Formerly known as XBMC, and computers, among other devices I use in my daily life.

• In 2013, the channel began gaining more attention, particularly for Android box reviews.

• In January 2015, I decided to expand our YouTube Channel to include reviews of other products.

A Bit More About Me…

• I cherish spending time with my family and friends, especially with my two kids.

“Keep working hard and never give up on your dreams.”