About Me

Hi, I’m James C.

My Background in Networking, PC Tech, Movies Buff, OS bug fixes…

• Since I was a kid that I loved to have gadgets that were in James Bond movies or Batman’s table.

• I have a great passion for Filmo Graphy, Photography, Manage and Cleaning Wires, Fix OS bugs.

• Since 2006 that I develop projects regarding Motion Graphics, mainly for local business purposes and personal / friends requests.

My Background in Youtube Reviews…

• The Youtube channel started as a hobby so that I could share my experience with some of the gadgets, AppleTV 2 and Kodi Former was known as XBMC ANd computers, other devices that I use in my daily usage.

• In 2013, the channel started to get a bit more of attention to Android box reviews.

• In Jan 2015, I made the decision of opening our YouTube Channel to other product reviews too.

A Bit More About Me…

• Love spending time with my family/friends, in particular, my 2 Kids.

“Keep Working Hard and Never Give Up Dreams”