Azulle Byte4 Mini Windows 10 Pro Mini PC – Unboxing and Review

This Mini PC is another level, you can hookup 3 monitors with HDMI/DisplayPort/VGA or USB Type C. also with 4 USB 3.0 connections you can connect your favorite Wired/Wireless Dongle for your Keyboard and Mouse, and also another for your External Hard drive, or you can hookup One M.2 Hard drive, or SSD/2.5 Sata6 Hard drive to this bad boy and you are computing experience will be pretty high, Never even got to talk about RAM you can expend it to 16GB DDR4.

I am using it at the moment to type this details, using the 4GB RAM which is part of the unit with 64GB internal storage and i have hooked up a SATA 6 1Terabyte.

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