Best 8-Inch Tablet in 2020 Unboxing And Review – Winnovo T8

If you are looking for a cheap tablet, then this video is the right one for you. In this video, we listed the best budget tablets available in the market for this year. I made this review based on my personal opinion and I tried to keep it on the positive side while this tablet does stand out. this tablet has price, quality, durability and more. If you have any other recommendations please feel free to leave a comment below!

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  1. Can you do a comparison of Vankyo Matrixpad S8 vs Winnovo T8?

    I watched both your videos and it looks sooo identical, there are some subtle differences. For eg video recording on T8 is at 2MP while S8 has 1mp (0.9). What other differences could you find? Is Mali-T720 used in both? or Mali-T820 on S8?

    • There are not many differences, only thing i know and found, but its not worth making a compair video about them. both are glichy.

      – Winnovo T8 is heaver.
      – Vankyo Matrixpad S8 a little smoother.
      – battery life the almost the same.

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