buzztv Mate 1 Android TV BOX – Unboxing And Review

Here is a box that worked real good while being an S905W chipset, Bluetooth works like charm, the box have almost 0 returns for repair or replacement as I hear.

The box worked for me for almost 6 months and now they have sent me a new one, to test and been going through testing for over a week and with new the revamp firmware to buzztv it works even faster and more features.

00:00 introduction
00:40 unboxing
01:32 IR Remote
02:11 Mate 1 Unboxing
03:53 Connect to TV
04:36 First time boot to the main screen
05:20 Add and Remove Shortcuts to Main Screen
05:48 Settings
06:10 OTA Updater
06:34 Server Settings
07:05 Power-On Options
07:32 Wifi Settings
08:00 AIDA64 App ( first 7 seconds pixelled )
09:51 Speed Test
10:53 YouTube App
11:50 Live TV app aka Buzztv 2.0
12:04 Top10 Fav
12:54 EPG
13:35 Organize Categories
14:22 PVR
15:16 Buzztv app Configuration
15:28 Video Player change
15:33 EPG Time Offset
15:54 Auto Shut off App
16:14 Buffer size

Where to purchase: Buzztv ARQ 100 Air Mouse Remote
Amazon USA:
Amazon CAN:

Where to purchase: Buzztv Mate 1
Amazon USA:
Amazon CAN:

Where to purchase: Buzztv Mate 1 & ARQ 100 Remote Combo
Amazon USA:
Amazon CAN:

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