Buzztv XPL3900 Unboxing S922 Chipset ( Shorter Video Review )

This unit has alot of good things to talk about, it seems our video didn’t reach what wanted to see, people want to watch a quick video on how things work and that is all,

🌟 Since the original video was 18 minutes long, alot of you as we could see passing most of the video so the parts that were passed I have cut out and left the rest in this video.


  • S912 Chipset OctoCore Box 16GB internal Storage.
  • 3GB Ram
  • SATA Connector for Laptop 2.5″ Hard drive.
  • The hard drive can be up to 2Tbyte. SSD or SATA 3
  • 1G Lan / 5G MU-MiMO Dual Band WiFi


  • none yet.


  1. 00:41 Unboxing
  2. 01:14 ARQ 100 Remote
  3. 02:14 Buzztv XPL3900 Show
  4. 05:04 Booting in system
  5. 05:31 Buzztv Launcher how to
  6. 06:00 How to Shortcut add/remove
  7. 08:21 Screen Size
  8. 09:33 Buzztv App Updating
  9. 10:29 AID64 details
  10. 14:36 Speedtest
  11. 16:30 Buzztv Firmware updater
  12. 16:48 Buzztv App ( live tv app )

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