Buzztv XRS 4500 S905X3 4GB RAM 64GIG Storage 1GB LAN – Unboxing And Review

This unit is now going to the top, with security plus with firmware. Now, this unit has one thing I did not see any other Android boxes it has a battery inside to wake itself up if you have placed a timer for a recording to start.

Points I like about this buzztv model XR/XRS4500

– Add Fav Channels main screen
– EPG is alot of clear and fast loading
– Hardware is not used parts
– MiMO 2X2 Wifi
– IR/BT Remote – BT = Bluetooth
– OS 9 with Feb 5th 2020 Security Patch

Things I don’t like about this XR/XRS4500
– IR/BT Remote Static Mouse


00:00 Introduction
01:08 Opening The Box
02:29 User Manual
04:16 Bluetooth Remote BT-100
06:08 Backlit BT Remote Test
06:38 Details of XRS4500
09:07 Connct to TV
09:52 Pair BT Remote
10:35 Main Screen introduction
11:52 How to Move Short cuts / Add Apps
12:27 Settings
12:52 Uninstall app
13:24 Check Security Patch
13:41 Buzztv Utilities
13:50 Check Firmware Update
13:56 Back and Restore
14:12 Home Screen Settings
14:25 Power Options
14:45 Display settings
15:12 Server Settings
16:15 Fav Channel Top Ten
16:45 Fav Movies Top Ten
17:08 Channel Catagrories ( customize )
18:50 VOD & Catagories
19:58 EPG & Catagories
20:35 PVR & how to
21:50 Antutu benchmark
22:01 Geekbench 4
22:14 Aida64
23:53 YouTube App Test
24:29 Netflix test
25:00 Speedtest Oakla
26:42 Fast Speedtest by Netflix
27:15 4K 10bit Test

Where to purchase:

(( Coming soon ))

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