G7BTS Bluetooth 5.0 Air Mouse Remote Unboxing And Review

This remote is Bluetooth 5.0 and do not come with USB dongle you need to pair it to your Smart TV or Android box to use. I like the remote but it has its own little bugs.

00:00 intro
01:00 unboxing
02:13 G7BTS Remote ( Details )
03:10 Buttons
04:37 Backlit Testing
05:31 Pair Bluetooth With Android TVBOX
06:58 Air Mouse Testing
07:15 Navigation keys testing
07:26 Home Button
07:35 Vol + and – And Mute
08:24 Keyboard test
09:36 Play Pause / FF and RW Testing
10:23 IR TV Remote learning
11:48 Conclusion.

Where to purchase:

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