Minix Neo U22-XJ With Neo A3 Voice Air Remote Unboxing And Review

Minix always shows up with the top of the line units, no matter what other companies bring out. The Leaders to software customization and accurate and new parts falls under Minix the price maybe high but makes sense what they are doing is making people happy.


Chip – Amlogic S922X-J
GPU – Mali-G52 RAM – 4GB DDR4
Storage – 32GB eMMC
Android OS – 9.0 Pie
WIFI – Mu-Memo Dualband 5Ghz
Lan – 1Gb

Video Index:

00:25 Intro Details
01:39 Unboxing U22-XJ box
04:30 Unboxing the Unit
06:02 Neo A3 Air Mouse Unboxing
08:19 Backlit Brightness for Remote
09:10 Booting to OS
10:03 Two Launchers
11:45 Minix Settings
12:26 System root Settings
12:39 Screen Rotation
13:00 System Bar
13:15 OS update
13:33 An-tutu benchmark old firmware and new
13:50 Geek-bench old firmware and new
14:36 YouTube 4K test
15:10 Netflix SD test
15:30 Disney Plus
16:22 Speed test
17:27 Gaming test
17:50 Video Test
18:50 Remote Voice Button Test

Where to purchase:
Minix U22-XJ Box
Amazon CAN:
Amazon USA: ( not available yet )

Minix Neo A3 Air Mouse remote
Amazon CAN:
Amazon USA: ( not available yet )

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  1. hi, in the market for a new box. i have a few different boxes . my go too was the beelink gt king pro. but as it turns out does not work with an app Tivimate which is my fav.

    i have seen the X99Max but the launcher isnt the best from what i see.

    the minix neo u22-xj or the standard nvidia shield tv pro .

    just wondering your thoughts on it. dont mind the extra cost if it means no worries


    • X99Max is just very cheap version of these boxes you are mentioning, I would go with big brand names like Minix and Beelink. Tivimate is just a app catered to work only with they deliver and 99% of the boxes are compatible with that app, but still they are 3rd party app and not official support from Google.

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