Pendoo X11 Pro AMLogic Version – Unboxing And Review

Now I have seen alot of reviews about this box with a different version of chips and most of them have really high heating issues. finally pendoo changed the chipset to AMlogic and now it started to make it a little easier.

I have to mention this unit is running smooth, don’t have any stop while playing video but the case does feel hot, and as per our info in AIDA64 you will see that total box is running hot. that tells me the Firmware needs to be touched more to bring ease on chipset and GPU.


0:00 Intro
00:57 Unboxing
02:16 Mini Air Mouse Remote
03:23 Remote Details
04:10 How to Play ( Mini Air Mouse Remote )
07:04 X11 Pro Box
08:30 Connect the Box to TV
09:16 first Bootup
09:38 Launcher introduction
10:14 AIDA64 Details
12:16 Antutu Benchmark ( 55554 )
12:27 Geekbench ( Single-Core 102 / Multi-Core 276 )
12:58 Youtube App Test ( 2160p 4K )
13:27 Netflix ( 540P SD )
14:07 AirScreen ( AirPlay )
15:25 SpeedTest

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