SGEYR 4K 4 Port HDMI KVM Switch | Unboxing And Review

This Video is little different, since it is something we want to start doing. We are going to bring some videos with some raw details on some of the products we place our hands on. If they are pretty good we will tell you how it looks, feels and how it is really going to make you feel after little bits.

This HDMI KVM Switch in other hand works right out of the box, but going through you will have some issues. What we found is the issue really didn’t occur till we had a bad mouse, and it caused the KVM to stop working on one port, but really the mouse was the real issue.

After replacing the mouse we found out that our KVM went bad for letting our mouse be attached to it while we wanted to test it to see if it is KVM or Mouse, good idea should’ve been is to take the mouse out and hookup directly to a PC and test it.

The Company Sgeyr was nice enough to exchange the product, but later learned that if you want to play with these types of product get yourself an HDMI switch then a KVM switch by itself.

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