Vankyo Leisure 3 3600 Lux LED Portable Projector – Unboxing And Review

This projector is very reasonably priced. Remember this is the mini projector which has 480P resolution and good to take around.

🔵 Index:

00:25 Written Review info
00:41 Unboxing
00:51 Carrying Case look
01:27 Components inside
02:51 Projector Leisure 3 unboxing
03:21 Keystone and Focus
06:10 First look
06:29 Test in a room with ambien lights
06:49 Dark room test
07:00 Pixel Test
07:16 Sound Test from Projector Speakers
07:55 Some more info
08:41 IR remote issue ( Solutions )
09:05 Fan Noise Test
09:11 Speaker Noise Mixed with Fan Noise Test
09:29 Paper works included in the Box.

👍 Pros:

– The Carrying Case
– The Quality is better then early 480P projectors
– Easy to Fix Keystone and Focus
– No Out of focus corners.
– Perfect for older laptop or VHS tapes.

👎 Cons:

– Only One IR Sensor ( in the Back )
– No support for Word or Excel using PC.

👉 Where to purchase:
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✴️ Amazon USA:

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