Vankyo Leisure 3W Projector Unboxing And Review – Under $150 WIFI Projector

The picture quality is great. However, needs darkness in room for better result. Works best at night. this model has extra features then the Leisure 3 with WiFi Build-in and YouTube App and Miracast and ISO-Cast. it stands out now. One thing to remember that this Projector is 480P Native Resolutions and if you are about 2 meters from the screen the pixels are visible. When you play a movie then you will not see that much of a pixels. This is not recommended for Video Gamer.

0:00 Intro
00:58 Unboxing
01:51 IR Remote
02:44 Full Accessorizes shown
03:55 Leisure 3 W Projector
04:25 Projector Connections
08:17 Powering up Projection
09:19 Settings Menu
12:04 YouTube App Test
13:34 Koala App Test
14:05 Projecting While Light is On
14:10 Media Player Test ( failed )
14:32 Source Select HDMI Test
15:57 Zoom In Pixel Test
16:23 Noise Test ( Sound 100% ) 95.2dBA
16:34 Lux Test White light 135.4 lux
16:39 Fan Noise test ( 0% Sound ) 60.6dBA
16:50 Miracast with Note 9 Test
17:20 Conclusion
18:13 FAQ Page
18:39 Quick Start Guide

– Bright
– Quick to boot
– Miracast works
– Carrying Case
– Less Weight to the Projector

– No Hookup for Tripod
– Fan Noise is a little more

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